Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo Trainer

Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo trainer included 20 cheats options (PC)

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《想要传达给你的爱恋》是日本美少女游戏知名大厂AMUSE CRAFT旗下品牌Us:track制作的恋爱题材大作。人气原画师君岛青、仓泽磨子与白玉联袂为本作担当原画与角色设计,由知名话题剧本家新岛夕领衔编写剧本,并由业内资深音乐人水月陵制作音乐。本作各女主角也均由业内知名声优出演。

This game developed by Us:track and published by HIKARI FIELD

Categories of the Game: Adventure, Casual

You can start using the trainer you downloaded by installing it.

How to Use; Install, run it and press the hotkeys, after start the game.

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